About usEducation Foyer

Education Foyer is an emerging educational website that aims to keep Pakistani students updated regarding the admission opportunities and details of a wide range of universities within Pakistan and “abroad”. Our focus group includes students from intermediate and beyond. We aim to facilitate every student with all the relevant information in order to take an informed decision about their Education and execute it with convenience without having to do the tiresome effort of visiting the campus or surfing through a big pile of newspaper advertisements. All the updates regarding schedule and the application process would now be available on a SINGLE website.

Our Motivation: Students!

Education Foyer has a heart wrenching realization that despite your great potential and a wide range of opportunities to maximize it, you never get to avail your fair share of this fortune just because you never came to know about it. This poverty of information in the age of information is why we as a nation have been lagging behind the world in research and human resource development. We aspire to contribute our share in filling this alarming void of resourceful information.

Our Future Plans: Since we have just got started!

The provision of information of opportunities at home and abroad is our major concern. But we plan to do MUCH MORE than that in the future. We aspire to equip students with the latest resource material and educational techniques by publishing; innovative research articles by leading academics, advanced techniques of exam preparation, career development insights and Much Much More.

Why are we doing it?

“To help you access what you deserve!”